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Fine Copper sulfate Texture

Copper Sulfate Uses

Copper sulfate is a versatile compound used in many different industries. In agriculture, it is used as a fungicide and as a supplement in animal feed. In mining, it is used as a flotation agent to separate valuable minerals from non-valuable minerals.


In metal finishing, it is used as an electrolyte in copper plating baths and as a corrosion inhibitor. In the printing industry, it is used as an etchant for copper plates and as a mordant in dyeing processes. In the dyeing industry, it is used as a mordant to fix natural dyes onto fibers, as well as a dye itself. In wastewater treatment, it is used as a coagulant, algaecide, and bactericide.


In wood preservation, it is used as a fungicide and insecticide to protect wood from decay and insect damage.

Overall, copper sulfate is a valuable and versatile compound with a range of uses across many different industries. Its properties and effectiveness make it an essential component in many manufacturing processes, and its low toxicity to humans and animals make it a relatively safe option for many applications.  Click here to go back to the homepage.

What Can Copper Sulfate Be Used For?

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